Daniel Matic

DANIEL MATIC is an illustrator who draws with pencils and brushes as well as digitally.

Daniel’s detailed portraits capture his subjects’ gaze in direct, disarming and intoxicating ways.  

I began drawing from a young age and love to create and design. I find it relaxing, calming and the best way to express who I am. Music, emotions, memories, nature, cities, people and animals inspire my arts practice. 

Whilst I love to draw with pencils and brushes on paper, I often use a Wacom tablet and digital drawing software like Photoshop and illustrator. I am currently studying conceptual art and illustration with an online Digital Art and Animation College and would love to work in the digital design field. 

Daniel was recently published in Phollio - a magazine produced by another group of Australian emerging artists and designers who, like us at Hoodie Mag, have a strong passion and deep love for creative endeavour.


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