Episodic is a visual and narrative based project that presents candid, provocative and emotive mini-stories about young people to the local community and beyond.  Stories are told in micro instalments via a number of sites and methods - other than the pages of a book. In an earlier version of this ongoing project, weekly episodes were simultaneously exhibited within a gallery space and posted online over the course of several months, creating a serialised presentation of the work.

Short inscriptions were presented on a gallery wall to be read by passers-by. The inscriptions changed weekly and stories contained around 3 -5 episodes. Further to this, a range of actions and happenings occurred where participants inscribed, in chalk, text on pavements around Belgrave that mirrored the text displayed in the gallery space, engaging the broader local community in the project. Post cards were dropped off at local cafes and stores and posters were pasted up around the local community further engaging people in the project. Online instalments mirrored the gallery wall, the actions/happenings and the printed material, invited an audience within the broader community to engage with the work.